Frequently Asked Questions

In groups I use a combination of several different curricula including social thinking, positive behavior support, collaborative problem solving, social emotional learning and emotional regulation as well as in the moment and incidental teaching and modeling of skills. Each group has a lesson related to the skill that we are focusing on and is specific to the ages in the group.

Each lesson typically includes:

  • a time to greet and share
  • an introduction to the targeted skill
  • a game, activity, craft, theme to teach and reinforce the concepts we are mastering
  • time for reflection and departures


Currently accepting NC Medicaid Managed Care Health Plans including, Medicaid Direct, Carolina Complete, Healthy Blue, Amerihealth, WellCare, & United Health Care) and Tailored Plans coordinated by Trillium Health Resources

We also accept self-pay patients, health flex spending/health savings accounts payments, and can also provide a superbill for you to submit to insurance to inquire about reimbursement.

We are accepting new clients for both individual and skills groups when space is available and on an open enrollment basis. To connect with our intake coordinator please fill out our contact form HERE.
You can also call or email: 301-331-1335 or [email protected]. If you are inquiring about groups please let us know the age of the person you are seeking services for, and what skills you think it would be helpful for them to be working on.

The parent consultation is a time for you to discuss your questions and concerns regarding your child/teen/adolescent without your child present. I will gather information about your child/teen/adolescent from you related to their personality, strengths and areas of interest or dislikes, as well as areas of concern and areas where it would be helpful for them to develop additional skills. This part of the process will help me make a determination about what type of services would best benefit your child and will allow me to determine if we are currently running a group that would be a good fit for your child/teen/adolescent. Individual services may be recommended at this time in order for your child to acquire the necessary skills to be a successful participant in one of our groups.
The parent coaching sessions provide parents with strategies to help their children use the skills they are learning at Anchored, in the home, in their school, and in their communities. Additionally, parents may request specific strategies and suggestions to help with “problem times” in their child’s day, such as meal time, bedtime, or transitions.

The Child/Adolescent/Teen consultation is a time for your child to meet with the SLP for an informal or formal assessment related to skills and to gather information about them including likes, dislikes, personality, and more. It is also a time for your child to see the physical space that group will be taking place in. From here we will determine if there is a current group that would be a good fit for your child, if individual services are being recommended, or if we will continue to work on finding a good group fit for your child.
Skills groups are matched in a very thoughtful, deliberate way to make sure that children are able to make the most progress related to the skills identified as areas of need during the consultations. As mentioned above, individual services related to specific skills may be recommended before some students are ready to join one of the groups.

We have found in treating many individuals with Anxiety, ASD, ADD/ADHD and speech/language disorders that social communication and executive functioning skills are greatly delayed. Social communication skills are the foundation to language skills. These skills are developed early on starting from infancy. However, just as some children require expressive language therapy some children need to be taught social communication skills. We have found great success in group therapy as it facilitates a naturalistic environment to learn how to interact and respond to children. We also incorporate therapy in actual social situations too, since these are the settings that children will require their social knowledge. We encourage caregiver involvement in the therapy sessions.

The groups are developed for any person at risk for a social communication skills delay: mild to severe and/or any person who has difficulty interacting with peers, responding to social cues, or using language to navigate through their environment effectively.

Individual therapy services are typically provided to clients who want to improve their executive functioning skills.

PLEASE NOTE that we are NOT able to accommodate the following behaviors if they are not being addressed by a behavioral professional: elopement, hitting, kicking, biting, spitting, destruction of property, or harmful behaviors to self or others. We understand that these behaviors do impact social interactions, however before we can work on social communication the behaviors will need to be addressed BEFORE the child begins our program. We are happy to refer to a local behavioral specialist if the behaviors are not being currently addressed.